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We are a group of technologists who believe X-ray computed tomography (CT) technology has the power to change everything.

Engineering marvels surround us every day. As deeply curious engineers, we thought we understood how beautiful the details around us can be. Then CT scanning revealed a world we had never seen.

Powered by Lumafield

Lumafield is a company that was started by a team of engineers who had firsthand experience with trying to solve hard problems and being let down by the tools on hand. Lumafield is also a company, that while in stealth-mode, decided the technology they were building was just too dang cool to keep quiet about.

Scan of the Month started off as some scans of LEGO Minifigures and to address a deep craving to share the magic of CT. Lumafield was founded with the same goal at its heart – by bringing a modern take on CT with a cloud based pipeline and browser-based tools. These innovations allow for teams of all size to afford and share CT data.

To learn more about Lumafield, head over to – for even more fun, try exploring some of your favorite scans for yourself at

Photo of a woman working at a table next to a Lumafield Neptune CT scanner.

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